Cibus Alius

we are

Cibus aslius was born from the association of 3 different people but they’re united by great passion for
food’s marketing. 3 personalities with different backgrounds, from economy to marketing and
comunication. This aspects, mixed together, are becoming a great step to grow the company profiles , to
edit the social aspects, making any business visible. We are professionists that can talk about you, your
company and your products by our editorial staff.
We’ll explore every aspect about food and gastronomy world with news, insights, tips and events.
WE’ll show you the last trends and secrets about food world.
We’ll bring you with us to know the stories of people who have realized their dreams, the stories of small
farmers who bring their excellent products on your table.
We’ll try for you all that’s good that new trends of food proposing.
We’ll keep you company and we’ll cook together easy and difficult recipes.
Cibus alius wants to be a special place where people could meet and share their taste experiences, it wants
to be a set table and proposal to live and lets live. A dedicated place of exploration, knowledge and
development of taste, cultures and traditions.

Gabriella Fusco

Gabriella is a great food lover, she’s our social media manager. She spends a lot of time on
internet to read, share and post about food and food’s netmarketing. She’s very professional and she has so
great ability about web.

Adriana Avallone

If you have some idea you gotta talk to her! She will work on your business idea and she
will help you to realized it. The planning is her special ability. She loves to work with initiative and versatility.
She’s always working to grow and promove the companies on market. In 2010 she created the first social-emarketplace
of food and she using a new methods to increase the visibility of companies and products.

Salvatore Faliero

Salvatore is our narrator. He write and post articles about companies and products with
skill of writer and webmarketer.

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