Cibus Alius


Cibus alius wants to combine two great passions: enogastronomy trade and comunication.

With a very professional web team, we help to manage rightly the companies on web with digital strategies
of marketing and comunication to improve the visibilty on the web and to have new clients. We using
effecting and current methods to optimaze new kind of business.

We can offer you:

Digital marketing

the new frontier of marketing is digital and social. New technologies and new way of
communication will improve your company. With our marketing online strategies we’ll drive your business
at the top of market.

Social media

The social media like facebook and twitter are essential for tour business communication.
Cibus Alius will study the correct strategy to promote your company on social network. We’ll write your
story to improve your appeal on web using advertising campaigns and othe social tools.

Digital Copywriting

It’s very important in web to write your opinion directly, synthetic and efficacious. We
can manage editorial activity for your web site, social network and business blog.

Influenzer marketing strategy

The influencer marketig is a new skill of communication. That’s mean create
a connection to involve web influencer on your advertising campaign.
You’ll have a special net of influencer
marketing such a testimonials for your company. They can promote your products for people and help them
to choose YOU, obviously according to their tastes. This will be the right way for your business: lower costs
higher results.

We have also a corporate of professional people to create web sites and to develop your idea and achieve
them graphically. We organize blog tours, cooking classes and many events to give you a direct contact with

In the end, Cibus alius also make enogastronomy shooting photo for your web advertising and social network activities.

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